Restructure to Improve Customer Deliverable Quality

The Qbase leadership team have decided to restructure our organisation to enable Qbase Data Services to focus on our core functions of business insight, data quality, migration and marketing automation services. For our customers, this means we will continue to provide products and services that will improve marketing campaign performance.

The composition of the Qbase Group has now transformed. Qbase Direct, which provides a range of services including list broking, has rebranded to Kudos Data Services and will be the sole concern of Mark Robinson and Jane Baddeley. This means Mark and Jane can focus their resources on developing their business and steering it in the strategic direction required to take it to the next level. Ian Johnstone, CEO of Qbase Data Services, said: “Kudos is an excellent data-oriented business and I know it will thrive with Mark and Jane at the helm.”

Continuing our focus on data services

“Meanwhile, at Qbase Data Services, we will continue to focus on providing data quality, migration, business insight and marketing automation services, which are our core business functions. Naturally, we will continue to share a number of commercial relationships with Kudos Data Services now and into the future.

Similarly, Qbase Cloud Services have rebranded to Syrenis, having already outgrown their space at Qbase headquarters and moved into a new building at Daresbury Technology Park in Cheshire. Syrenis and Qbase Data Services work jointly on a number of key projects and have a very close commercial relationship, which will remain unchanged.

These changes have been made to enable each business to focus on continually improving their key business area and providing the best service we can for our customers. By enabling each operating business to pursue its own strategic objectives, the leadership team believe the three businesses will improve the scalability of its operations and make more solutions available to our customers, whilst focusing resources on the delivery of greater product and service quality. What this means for customers is improved marketing campaign performance, increased cost savings and greater availability of a wider range of technological solutions.