Seven steps for a hassle-free move to Apteco FastStats

As Apteco’s longest-standing partner and proud ‘partner of the year’, we know a thing or two about successful FastStats implementations. And, unlike many other software implementations, it doesn’t require as many skills and resources as you might think. Here are our top tips for a hassle-free adoption.

Four ways marketing reporting software can make your life easier

If you’re a busy marketing manager, then you probably know first-hand how producing monthly stakeholder reports can become a huge drain on your time.

Using marketing automation for an amazing customer journey

If you're not already using marketing automation of some sort, you should be. And here's why. As customers in 2021, we expect brands to deliver seamless customer experiences across the different channels we use.

Four common mistakes of data migration

What happens when data migration goes wrong? We’ve recently seen some very large-scale failures that should act as a warning for any company planning to move data. Only last year TSB customers were locked out of their accounts due to the unsuccessful migration of customer data. The ramifications are still being felt.

Customer segmentation models: segment & grow customers

The secret to successful marketing communication lies in your ability to deliver the right message, to the right customer, at the right time. Marketing with data segmentation should always be one of the first considerations for any marketer, CRM manager, database manager or any other business decision-maker.

WEBINAR VIDEO: 7 Ways to Improve Your Marketing with Data

Our webinar video is now live - 7 Ways to Improve Your Marketing With Data. Paresh, Matt and James combine their knowledge and experience to deliver seven top tips for using data to get the most out of your marketing.

Is your marketing strategy based on strong data analytics?

Data analytics is not always something you would associate with creating a marketing strategy. The hard evidence of data somehow clashes with the idea of marketing creativity. But, if you’re not using data to underpin your marketing, you might want to think again.

Three Golden Rules of Customer Service

The marketing approach to customer service has evolved enormously over the past decade and data has been responsible for most of the giant leap forward. Customer data platforms and CRM (customer relationship management) systems have helped businesses take a data driven approach to attracting and retaining customers. But challenges to delivering great customer service remain.

WHITEPAPER: Using data driven business intelligence to improve the customer experience

In today’s competitive landscape, business intelligence (BI) can be invaluable in delivering better business insights and helping you to make informed, data-driven decisions. So valuable is BI that Gartner predicts the industry will grow to $29.48 billion by 2022. This whitepaper explores how to use BI to improve your customer experience. With a focus on the software Sisense, it includes six real life examples of how your data could be the key to improving your customer experience.

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