Qbase Test Eircode Data and Offer Updates to Businesses

Historically Ireland has not operated a postcode system. This proves challenging for individuals and business who want to contact or locate other people or organisations.

From the summer of 2015, Ireland will be introducing a new postcode system known as Eircode, which will provide each address in Ireland with a unique identifier.

Qbase has tested the new data and can offer Eircode updates to businesses targeting Irish addresses.


Eircode is a Smart Location Code that comprises a routing key and a unique identifier. It is very similar to a car number plate, but for buildings.

Unlike other countries, where postcodes define clusters or groups of addresses, an Eircode will identify an individual address and show exactly where it is located.


There are numerous benefits to Ireland of introducing Eircode. It will make the delivery of services and goods to households easier and it will help the emergency services locate specific addresses quicker and more accurately, saving thousands of lives a year.


By updating existing records with Eircode data, data-driven marketing professionals and data analysts can combine transaction analysis with location data to formulate more accurate and effective campaign selections. Identifying where their most lucrative customers live.

With better and more accurate data, direct marketing campaigns can achieve better results and higher returns on investment.

Qbase is working with Capital Business Support Services in Ireland to undertake to test of the new Eircode data.

In the summer, when Eircode goes live, Qbase will offer Eircode updates to organisations that hold Irish customer and prospect data. Latitude and Longitude field updates will also be available.

If you have any questions or you would like to know more please contact us today.