Qbase Takes to the Stage at Marketing Week Live

Rob Jones, Commercial Director, will be appearing at this year’s Marketing Week Live exhibition to present two seminars on the topics of Next Best Action and the integration of Online, Social and Offline data. The show kicks off an exciting series of activities over the next few months, which will include webinars and the publication of a new whitepaper.

Be the Next Best Action Hero

Venue: Brand Engagement and Innovation Theatre
Date: Wednesday 27th April
Time: 10:30am


In this seminar we will look at how Next Best Action is revolutionising personalisation in campaign communications and helping marketers automate customer journeys. We will also uncover the data you need and review the insight and technology required to make it a success.

After attending the seminar you will have gained a deeper understanding of what Next Best Action is and how it can drive value for your business and your customer relationships. You will learn how to develop more advanced Next Best Action techniques by investigating the technology, data and insight requirements that drive it. Finally, you will see how Next Best Action can significantly drive down marketing investment costs, all whilst increasing customer campaign engagement and conversion.

Online, Social and Offline Integration

Venue: Marketing Tech Theatre
Date: Thursday 28th April
Time: 2:00pm


Our second seminar will focus on data capture to enable true omnichannel marketing and how to integrate sources of online, social and offline data into a single view. We will show you how a more complete data set can help you and your business anticipate customer needs and demand with greater accuracy and, how this will transform your business.

If you attend this seminar you will understand how to create a comprehensive and fully integrated single view of your customers and their behavioural data. You will also learn how to use this single view to gain powerful insights into how customer behaviour affects how, when and what they buy. Finally, you will see how integrating online, social and offline data can improve customer relationships, loyalty and brand engagement.

Find Out More

Our team will be taking exhibition space ME74, next to the Marketing Tech Theatre in Olympia Central Level 1 on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th April. If you would like to learn more about the subjects discussed in our seminars you are welcome to come along and put your questions to Rob Jones. Equally, if you have any questions about data, analysis, insight or marketing automation platforms, Paresh Patel, Business Insight Director, will be on hand to answer any of your questions and guide you around the FastStats and PeopleStage systems.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to schedule some time with our team at the show, please send us your enquiry or email us.