Qbase Moves to New, Secure, Flexible SFTA System

On Wednesday 20th May 2015, Qbase turned off its old SFTA system. The next step couples with a move to our newer, more secure, flexible and ultimately faster enterprise-level system.

The switchover has been a huge success, complete with minimal disruption to existing services. However, any customers who do experience technical difficulties should contact:

  • Data Quality Manager, Shirin Patel, or;
  • Business Insight Consultant, Andrew Sanderson at the earliest convenience.


Our new system is a powerful file server that supports standard secure file transfer protocols. It is extremely easy to configure and provides powerful monitoring tools. Everything is customisable and is tailored specifically to the needs of both Qbase and our customers.

The system allows for simple file transfers through a web browser. Moreover, it’s compatible with all major browsers, offering a greater degree of flexibility for our customers.

There are no limits on file sizes and this mode allows for resuming transfers in the event of a network interruption. Previously, our old system could not provide this.

Customers can also use the sharing feature to create temporary access to files and folders they control. They can automatically email a third party temporary access to that file and/or folder that will self-expire after a set amount of time.


The new system went live earlier this week and the old system is now officially off. So far there has been very little disruption to services overall. But we strongly recommend anyone who experiences technical issues to contact us immediately.

You can contact Andrew Sanderson, Business Insight Consultant, or Shirin Patel, Data Quality Manager, on 01925 644800.