FastStats Data Analysis Software by Apteco

FastStats data analysis software enables you to uncover new insights and view all your data in ways that are both meaningful and actionable


FastStats data analysis software provides a comprehensive suite of data exploration and visualisation tools, which will help your business carry out more efficient and effective marketing campaigns.

The system provides all the tools your team needs to be able to view customer and marketing data from any angle to gain new insights. The emphasis on visual data interfaces provides a flexible way to manipulate and access data without compromising functionality.

FastStats is simple to use, employing wizards and ‘drag and drop’ interfaces to unlock complex analytical methods. Other tools allow you to create new, intelligent customer segments for finely targeted campaigns which can then be uploaded to your email provider for processing, before collecting the latest round of results for further analysis.

For even more powerful analysis and insight you can apply the following additional modules:

  • Modelling for enhanced customer profiling
  • Excelsior for enhanced report building
  • Geo for enhanced geographical targeting