Marketing Software for Analysis and Automation

Marketing software for analysis and automation can help you discover hidden trends in your customer data and turn that into additional revenue

Marketing Software

Many of the services we offer at Qbase are software agnostic. Our focus is to ensure any solution you choose is deployed on complete and accurate customer data from a single customer view.

We have experience of integrating our SCV solutions into the majority of the leading automation providers, including Salesforce (Pardot & Exact Target), Dynamics, Oracle, Marketo and many others.

When asked to recommend a marketing automation solution we suggest Apteco’s PeopleStage, which is part of the FastStats family of software. PeopleStage enables you to deploy true, full multi-channel automation that is driven from insight and streaming predictive models almost in real-time. We do not know of any another platform that comes close to providing the same capabilities as PeopleStage.

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