Marketing to Fleet Operators?

As one of the most experienced data-driven marketing companies in the UK, Qbase can help you and your organisation cut costs and maximise returns from your marketing communications programmes.

Since 1991 we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise supporting companies who target Fleet Operators. We provide our customers with a stable, long-term, reliable, accurate and present understanding of the number of companies using vehicles in the UK, and use our expertise to support their data-driven marketing campaigns.

We work closely with a wide range of tele-researched data providers, who actively generate and clean Fleet information.

We take the data generated by our tele-research partners and, having cross-referenced it against our Business Universe of 2.4 million companies, apply the following proprietary solutions:

  • Data Quality;
  • Data Source Management;
  • Territorial Mapping;
  • Propensity Modelling;
  • Data Analysis.

The results is a comprehensive view of the whole Fleet market, complete with rich information about the companies and people you want to communicate with.


By working with a range of tele-researched data providers to compile the largest Fleet Operators Database in the UK, and combining this with our expertise in data-driven marketing, we can offer you and your organisation a complete single view of active Fleet Operators in the UK.

Tele-Researched Fleet Data

Our tele-research partners continuously refresh the information they hold on over 240,000 Fleet Operators, who manage fleets of cars, vans and freight vehicles across the UK. This number is growing by approximately 10,000 per month.

During the research process, our partners gather and confirm a broad range of demographics so you and your organisation can use this information to increase the precision of your campaign targeting. This means that your business can leverage maximum value from your campaign investments.

Variables provided include, but are not limited to:

  • Decision Maker Name;
  • Company Name and Address;
  • Telephone Number;
  • Email Address – Personal/Generic;
  • Fleet Size;
  • Vehicle Types;
  • Industry Code and Description;
  • Preferred Purchase Method.

Modelled Fleet Data

The volume of Fleet operators is significant (Last year fleet vehicle registrations contributed in excess of 50% of all new vehicle registrations in the UK (1.32 million vehicles). But not all of them have yet been identified through Tele-Research.

However, by cross-referencing this database against the Qbase Business Universe, which contains over 2.4 million companies, and by applying our proprietary analysis and insight models, we score the likelihood of a company operating fleets of vehicles. This means that we can enhance the Fleet Operators Database with additional companies that have not yet been researched by our data partners.

Providing the UK’s Largest Fleet Operators database which includes:

  • Contact Name;
  • Company Name and Address;
  • Telephone Number;
  • Email Address;
  • Predicted Fleet Size;
  • Industry Code and Description;
  • Turnover;
  • Employee Size;
  • Premises Type;
  • Business Type;
  • Car Park Size

‘Grey Fleets’/’User Choosers’ Data

The process of cross-referencing databases, building statistical data models and scoring records allows us to identify companies that have low fleet numbers, large employee sizes and large car parks.

Once we have this information we remove all the industries that require large car parks for their customers. This means that we are left with an accurate view of all companies that have ‘Grey Fleets’ and ‘Users Choosers’.

Fleet DNA

By understanding the DNA of your existing customers and identifying the characteristics, motivators and drivers of purchasing behaviour in your most lucrative segments, we can create a profile of your ideal customer.

This means that we can take this profile and apply it to the master Fleet Operators database to identify those prospects that have a higher propensity to become your next new customer.


Geo-Fleet Mapping allows you to target prospects based on geographical proximity to your operating base and is available as a one-off report, or a complete solution.

In order to guarantee the quality, accuracy and timeliness of this information, we continuously enhance the data that powers the report. This is achieved through ongoing tele-research, frequent cross-referencing against the Qbase Business Universe and applying a range of statistical models.

Fleet Report

A Fleet Report helps you see where in the UK your prospective Fleet Operators are located, and the size of their fleets.

Armed with this knowledge you and your organisation can identify the most profitable regions to focus your future marketing campaigns, allowing you to cut your costs whilst maximising your return on investment.

Dealership Report

A Dealership Report allows us to identify prospects within a given geographical radius of your dealership. Custom made for your dealership, we can provide an in depth review of your ‘area of influence’.

Once we have confirmed your ‘location of influence’ we will identify the size of the market opportunity within a certain radius of your location – your ‘area of influence’. From here we can provide you with a list Fleet Operators and suspected Fleet Operators within your chosen area.

We then applying a score against all of these to quantify their sales potential, making it easier to understand who to target to maximise your sales results.

Sales Report

With our bespoke Sales Reports, you can analyse your customers and identify your top accounts.

You can also identify trends that might signify a change in a customer’s buying patterns, which can help you address the needs of those customers by nurturing a growing account or re-engaging with a declining account.

Your Sales Reports can also highlight how many new prospects are being generated from your marketing campaigns and how these are converting through to actual sales.

All of these reports offer a geographical dimension that you can use for resource planning, account management and customer engagement programmes.


The automotive industry employs one of the largest face-to-face and tele-marketing sales forces in the country. In turn, that means the volume of interactions with your database can be enormous. This creates significant challenges to the quality, accuracy and integrity of all your customer and prospect data.

Qbase offers specialists in providing professional data quality and management solutions to organisations across the world. By performing regular data quality processing on your database, your sales and marketing teams will always have the most accurate and up to date information available at their fingertips. This means they can help you and your organisation maximise new customer acquisition and drive sales for your business.

If you would like to get more out of your Fleet Operators marketing campaigns contact us now.