The Preference Centre compliance and consent software by Syrenis

The Preference Centre provides GDPR compliance and a positive consent journey for consumers

Preference Management

Increased consumer awareness and new regulatory frameworks such as GDPR are forcing enterprises to change their consent strategy, which has historically been predominantly based on allowing determined consumers to opt-out. Enterprises will have to gain consent to market, a legal requirement from May 2018, The Preference Centre (TPC), has been built to provide an engaging consumer consent process, based on secure, scalable architecture. TPC is a subscription based service, with tiered pricing based on volume of customers, a competitive, low-cost pricing model.

Make gathering consent a positive consumer experience    

The Preference Centre allows you to create a customised consent journey for all your consumers, making consent gathering a positive experience, in which your brand clearly explains it’s proposition and the benefits of marketing communications. Giving your customers control of their preferences in this way, will increase engagement with your brand, and ensure compliance with GDPR and other privacy legislation.

Key features of The Preference Centre

TPC can deliver all of these features to your enterprise, in a single, easy-to-use and secure application, that can be set up in a matter of days.

  • Enable users to comply with GDPR, Fundraising Preference Service process, and other privacy regulations whilst they still apply, Data Protection Act, Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations and the Freedom of Information Act
  • Present a single point of access, simple to navigate web portal for consumers to control their communication preferences and personal details
  • Provide a single point of access in an administration function, that users can access to manage every aspect of preference creation, management, deployment and distribution of preference-related data
  • To protect all this information, using the most robust security standard, both in the application and in transit
  • Have a flexible preference solution that can respond to changes in privacy regulation and guidance, without major reinvestment
  • Provide a clear and unambiguous process for consumers to control their personal information that an enterprise holds in relation them
  • Provide a clear and unambiguous history of preferences for every individual
  • Allow for the optimisation of the preference gathering process via preference statement testing and customised consumer preference experiences, to allow an enterprise to clearly explain the benefits of consent

syrenis-preference-centre-screen-shot-300x114 Preference Managementsyrenis-preference-centre-report-300x174 Preference Management