Marketing Automation Solutions from Qbase

Qbase can help you deploy marketing automation tools that are built on complete and accurate customer data and, solid analysis and insight

Marketing Automation

The direct marketing climate has changed. Prospects and customers alike expect you to understand their specific needs and ensure all communications are relevant to them. For large businesses and organisations this one-to-one approach is only possible through marketing automation.

We can help you deploy marketing automation tools, built on complete and accurate customer data that use analysis and insight to send truly personal and relevant multi-channel marketing communications.

63% of companies that are outgrowing their competitors use marketing automation software.

Source: Position2

Our approach to marketing automation starts with identifying all your relevant data, then integrating, aggregating and standardising this data in a single customer view. We then perform analysis and glean insight that we use to build segmentation and personalisation that power triggers and customer journeys.

We help you deploy your marketing automation software within your organisation, which is fully integrated into your SCV and insight platform. We also ensure complete connectivity with your communication channels, including your website, email, social media, SMS, direct mail, telemarketing and even apps.