Lee Gisbourne Joins Qbase as Customer Journey Manager

By Robin Cronan, 17th November 2014

Qbase is delighted to announce the arrival of Lee Gisbourne as our new Customer Journey Manager within our Business Insight team. Lee Gisbourne previously worked for the RNLI and played a significant role within the organisation’s data-based fundraising operations as the charity’s Database Analysis Manager.

Lee Gisbourne’s new role at Qbase, which will start in February and be predominantly based in London, will focus on working directly with our not-for-profit customer to develop and implement new business insight strategies.

Passionate about data

Lee is a well-respected professional within the not-for-profit industry and has developed excellent relationships with a vast network of his peers over the course of his 15-year career.

Asked about his appointment with Qbase Lee commented, “It is a great pleasure for me to join Qbase, who is such a huge presence in the charity sector because it gives me the opportunity to use my skills and expertise to help a greater number of charities achieve similar successes to those we achieved at the RNLI. Of course, it is sad to leave the RNLI but thankfully I will remain close to my colleagues”.

Lee is passionate about data, insight and the charity sector, and also is known for his willingness to provide support and guidance to his fellow data-based fundraising professionals, Lee has worked for the RNLI since 2007.

Lee’s role at the RNLI was to develop and implement database analysis systems and techniques that deliver full optimisation of data, which can then be used to influence strategic decision making.

At the RNLI Lee was responsible for developing the charity’s life stages and engagement segmentation model introduced propensity models into the marketing team, produced the first-lifetime value reporting and developed several supporter lifecycles and product lifecycle models.

For this Lee has won many awards, including Winner of the IoF Insight Special Interest Group Team of the Year, Winner of Best Use of FastStats 2013, which was won in collaboration with Qbase, and was shortlisted for Marketing Week’s Data Professional of the Year.

Added value for Qbase customers

In February Lee will join the Business Insight team at Qbase and become our Customer Journey Manager. This means that Lee will be working closely with our not-for-profit customers to develop and implement new business insight strategies, helping charities achieve their fundraising goals by moving their supporters along an engagement journey that increases donation revenues whilst reducing campaign costs.

The added value this generates for our existing and future charity customers is beyond quantification. Having come from the charity sector, where he gained extensive experience achieving these goals for the RNLI, Lee has a very rich and detailed understanding of the challenges faced by charities in the modern economy. This means that the solutions Lee is able to devise for charities will be engineered with even more precision and, ultimately, deliver ever greater results with even more cost savings.

The future of the charity

Qbase is now one of the largest and most innovative providers of data-based fundraising solutions to the charity sector, which is further underlined by our free annual TRIBES forum for charity sector fundraising, data analysis and marketing professionals.

Our recent business growth is largely attributable to more and more charities choosing Qbase as their provider of data services.

The future of Qbase in the charity sector is greatly enhanced with Lee’s arrival, which will enable us to provide a greater level of support and expertise to charity sector professionals in the pursuit of higher campaign response rates and fundraising revenues.

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