History of Qbase

Learn about the history of Qbase Data Services


Qbase is founded

Anita Johnstone establishes a new technology start up that evolves to become Qbase. Anita is joined by Ian Johstone several months later and two lead the organisation to this day.

Data Quality solutions introduced

Qbase grows its market share and expands its product and service offering to meet demand. A new Data Quality team, led by Tracey Barker, is established to deliver data cleaning and enhancement.



Business Insight solutions introduced

Demand for data driven marketing solutions increases, leading to the development of a new Business Insight department. The team grows rapidly in this new market and is later directed by Paresh Patel.

Apteco partnership formed

Qbase establishes a partnership with new data analysis software provider Apteco. Qbase use their flagship product, FastStats, which is initially launched as a DOS based platform.



First FastStats system delivered

FastStats evolves new capabilities and with it so do Qbase. Business Insight team are able to undertake more sophisticted data analysis, leading to the first customer FastStats system delivery.

List Broking services introduced

Demand for transparent pricing in the list broking industry inspires Mark Robinson to establish a new data acquisition service. Data Profiling is incorporated to improve campaign conversion rates.



SMART first launched

Nicola Watson develops a new stakeholder management system called SMART. The software becomes a popular choice for public sector organisations, selling licences to governments across the world.

National Consumer and National Business Universes launched

Qbase merge multiple data sources into two new data universes. These are labelled National Consumer Universe and National Business Universe. Each contains millions of rows of data and demographics.



First TRIBES Annual Charity Industry Forum held in London

Qbase becomes the authority on data driven fundraising in the UK after establishing TRIBES. The annual forum is free to attend and becomes the must-see event for data driven fundraising professionals.

Data Migration solutions introduced

After rescuing a failing migration project, Nick Kelly develops a range of new Data Migration solutions for Qbase customers. His team becomes known as experts in fixing failed migrations.



Yodata first launched

Qbase launch its second software platform, a data processing tool known as Yodata. The system enables marketing professionals to rapidly undertake complex data processing requests without IT support.

Fleet Database and Market Report launched

Mark Robinson's team becomes the data supplier of choice for the fleet and automotvie sector after developing a new Fleet Operators database.



Qbase expand to second location

Following 25 years of continuous growth Qbase expands into two premises. The new office is dedicated to software development and support, covering SMART and Yodata products.