Data Suppression Service

We will ensure your data is current, effective and within regulation.

Data suppression is the process of highlighting and eliminating contact with certain individuals in your database who are no longer able to buy from your company. It will reduce your direct marketing spend by ensuring you are only contacting people who will actually receive your message, whilst at the same time increasing your chance for successful sales. Cut costs, increase sales, simple.

If a customer or prospect has moved house, closed their business or died, we can identify these records in your database and remove them from your list.

Maintaining the integrity of your data is probably the most important factor in determining the success of its application. Faulty or inaccurate data not only directly affects your marketing productivity, but it can also have a negative impact on your company’s image. Performing data suppression is also a great aid in maintaining your company’s compliance with the data protection act by ensuring your information is accurate and relevant. Our data suppression service works to eliminate any of these database inaccuracies and provide you with a clean database of available prospects.

Qbase fulfil a wide range of suppression requirements to ensure your data is performing as it should:


Goneaway's are people who have moved house rendering your data inaccurate. Mailing these addresses can throw your response percentages way off target. We will suppress or flag these movers in your data for you to see.

Change of Address Update

If a contact has changed address you don’t want to be bombarding an empty house or the wrong person with your marketing mails. This is a fruitless exercise which will be costing your company money with an almost zero chance of making a sale. The cost of discovering these address changes is significantly lower than the cost of redundant mailing. We use the Royal Mail NCOA (National Change of Address Suppression) for the most comprehensive service of UK address suppressions.

Deceased Suppression

We can suppress or flag the details of anyone who has died who was included in your consumer data. Mailing these individuals can cause undue distress to family members and persistent mailing will damage your brand. Using the Mortascreen registry, we can identify and suppress 95% of UK deaths.

Telephone Preference Service

We can ensure your data is complaint with TPS so you can avoid fines during your telemarketing activities. The TPS allows consumers to opt out of receiving sales calls on their phone number. Fines are imposed if these numbers are then contacted by a business. We also provide a CTPS service which is the Corporate Telephone Preference Service, which is a list of restricted corporate numbers.

Stop Suppressions

If you have an existing list of customers or prospects you would like to suppress from your mailing list, this service allows you to ensure they will not be included in your final mailing file.

Companies House Trading Status

If a company has a ceased trading status, we can flag or remove these companies from your data.