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Data Cleaning

PAF Cleansing / Address Cleaning Per Thousand £1.00
Name Cleansing Per Thousand £2.00
De-Duplicate / Data Merge Per Thousand £3.00
Telephone Number Validation & Cleaning Per Thousand £1.00
Email Validation & Cleaning Per Thousand £1.00
Unusable/Salacious Records (inc flag) Per Thousand £1.00
Companies House Validation Per Thousand £2.00
Country Identification Per Thousand £3.00


NCOA Per Hit £0.35


MPS Per Thousand £2.00
TPS Per Thousand £2.00
Corporate Telephone Preference Service Per Thousand £2.00
NCOA Goneaway Per Hit £0.20
Deceased Per Hit £0.25
Suppression Stop File Per Thousand £3.00
Business Suppression File Per Hit £1.00
Flagging Goneaway Per Hit £0.35
Flagging Deceased Per Hit £0.50
Flagging Stop File Per Thousand £4.00
Flagging Mobile Numbers Per Hit £0.05
Flagging TPS Per Hit £0.35
Companies House Trading Status Per Thousand £2.00


Telephone Number Append with XD Flags Per Thousand £30.00
Telephone Number Append without XD Flags Per Thousand £20.00
Registered Company Number Append Per Thousand £2.00
Gender Per Thousand £2.00
Geocoding / Geo-append* Per Thousand £5.00
Northing & Easting / Longitude & Latitude+ Per Thousand £3.00


Mailsort Per Thousand £1.00
Walksort Per Thousand £1.00
Admail Per Thousand £1.00
* Geocoding and Geo-append will need a second file uploading containing details of event locations or outlets
+Longitudes and Latitudes provided are based on postcode sectors which are accruate to within 100m
** Mailsort and Walksort may need additional fields including carrier, sort type, weight and size
Please note there will be a minimum cost of £350 per service and a £25 handling charge per single job transaction.