Other Services

Take a look at some of the other services that Qbase DataCleanse has to offer.

Data Updates

Recruiting new customers is an expensive business, so it is important to keep in touch with your existing ones, even if they haven’t kept in touch with you. The Qbase data record update service identifies customers and prospects that have just moved house or company premises and allows you to send your marketing materials to their new addresses.

It is also important you keep in touch with prospects. You have already been building an affinity to your company with your previous communications. Don’t let this go to waste by losing track of that customer; the next communication could have been the one they were going to respond to!

In order to update your customer records we offer the following services:

  • NCOA Update - The daily updated national change of address file by Royal Mail provides forwarding addresses for over 40 million individuals and companies who have moved house or premises
  • Companies House - Less frequently updated, the companies house file allows you to identify where a company head office has moved premises

Appending Data

Having complete data is a vital step to truly realising how it can be used to its full potential. Although your data may be accurate in displaying what you already know about a customer, we can add to that data to show you new information. We can add phone numbers to records that are missing them or add a company registration number where you previously didn’t have one. We can provide fresh perspective to your data records by adding new demographic fields such as correction of gender inaccuracies.

This invaluable service will unlock new potential in your existing data and provide you with a more complete, more accurate view of your customers.

Appending services we offer are:

  • Telephone Number Append with XD Flags - This will add or update any phone numbers that have changed or are missing and flag ex-directory status

  • Telephone Number Append without XD Flags - This will add or update any numbers which have been changed or are missing but will not include ex-directory status

  • Registered Company Number Append - We make sure that all registered company numbers in your data are included and accurate and if they aren't we will flag the change for you to see or add in a number where it's missing

  • Gender - Gender categories within the data will be checked against names and titles and corrected or added if required

  • Geo-coding/Geo-append - Geo-coding is added to individual customer records, informing you of their nearest sales outlet, branch or event that you operate

  • Northing & Easting / Longitude - Add a Longitude/Latitude field or northing and easting grid reference to existing customer data. Accurate to 100m resolution.

Sorting Data

You can make huge savings on direct mailing by using Mailsort before it is dispatched. By sorting your mail before it reaches the sorting offices, it significantly improves the efficiency by which mail can be despatched to the correct depots which in turn means the cost of the postage is reduced. The Qbase DataCleanse on-line bureau service allows you to apply mail and walk sort codes to your data for either Royal Mail or TNT.

Mailsort is the process of sorting your mail into trays for specific depots. You need to have at least 90% of mail with accurate postcodes. This is then picked up and you are given a discount on the cost of the mailing. Our Mailsort service will order your data for your mailing house and pre-assign Mailsort codes.

Walksort is the process of sorting your mail into groups of mail with specific post codes which enable it to be sorted even faster. Our Walksort service will order your data for your mailing house and pre-assign Walksort codes.