Data Cleaning

Improve your response rates and save money at the same time.

Accurate Data Cleaning

Data cleansing or cleaning is crucial to the success of your direct marketing efforts. The most successful companies utilising direct marketing regularly perform cleaning activities on their database of business or consumer records.

Keeping your data accurate and up-to-date means you will get improved responses from campaigns whilst saving you money by removing duplicate records and repairing incomplete ones.

Our on-line data cleansing service lets you choose any of the following data cleaning functions:

PAF Cleansing / Address Cleaning

Clean, repair and precisely format addresses including matching addresses against Royal Mail’s Postal Address Format (PAF) that will increase the fulfilment of your mailings and dramatically improve matches against rented lists.

Name Cleansing

Getting a customer’s name right will make a dramatic difference to response rates. Clean, format and correct spelling mistakes in customer or contact names.

De-duplicate / Data Merge

Don’t send marketing materials to the same person multiple times, it costs you money and looks unprofessional. Our advanced dedupe service will find the maximum number of matches possible in your existing data.

Telephone Number Validation & Cleaning

Are your phone numbers formatted correctly? If they aren’t you could waste valuable telesales and telemarketing time and resources and customers may not be included in your entire end-to-end campaign.

Email Validation & Cleaning

Ensure all your customer e-mails are formatted properly and common e-mail provider addresses are spelt correctly.

Unusable/Salacious Records (inc flag)

Remove all unusable records, reduce your marketing spend and identify and remove offensive records you would never want sending to any customer.

Companies House Validation

Check addresses against the companies house records and remove companies who have ceased trading from your marketing activities.

Country Identification

If your database contains records from countries other than the UK, but you aren’t sure which, we can identify these and assign the correct country to the record.

The Qbase DataCleanse on-line bureau service is a simple, low cost way to clean your data. Click here to access this service.