Better data means better business...

  • » Reduce the cost of mailings
  • » Improve mailing response rates
  • » Increase the reach of direct marketing
  • » Fast online service and delivery

Clean data means better marketing results. It shows you are looking after your existing customers and allows you to build affinity with prospective ones. But data always changes and evolves; people die, businesses close, companies move premises and people move house. This data decay means you could be spending money marketing to people who aren’t there, duplicating communications, buying data you already own or damaging your brand by using offensive data in your communications.

The Qbase DataCleanse service will fully clean your data, merge duplicate records, update customer records who have moved house or premises and remove deceased individuals or companies no-longer trading. We can also let you know which customers and prospects have requested not to be contacted through the mail and telephone preference services.

The service is on-line and designed to be easy to use. Simply create an account, upload your data, tell us the services you want to apply, we will give you a quote for the work and once we have received official confirmation to proceed we will ensure your data comes back to you accurate, clean and optimised.

We also provide a full bureau data cleansing, matching and merging service for larger or bespoke data cleansing tasks. If your requirements are regular and in excess of 500k output rows, please contact us directly on 01925 644 800.