Connect, govern,
and transform your data

Talend is a leading open source data integration platform that allows you to connect, govern, transform and share data across systems in cloud or on-premises. Talend gives you the power to scale your operations, make real-time decisions and become more data driven.

Talend has been a leader for data integration tools in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the past four years and, with a strong vision for the future, continues to invest heavily in the platform.

Talend is an incredibly flexible data management and integration tool, that will change the way you manage data, reduce costs and help you scale at speed. Curious to know how?

Cloud Integration

Talend Cloud allows you to integrate data, systems, and applications easily. It is highly scalable and secure.


Cloud API Services

You can build, test and deploy APIs up to 80% faster using the Cloud API services. No need for manual code.


Stitch Data Loader

Quickly and easily connect and load data from source to destination in minutes.


Talend Data Integration

Bring your data together, quicker. From relational databases to cloud warehouses, this allows you to develop and deploy 10x faster.

Talend Big Data Integration

You can utilise Spark Streaming or Machine Learning to ingest and analyse real time IOT sensor data. It allows you to scale, up and down, when you need it.


Talend Data Catalogue

Understand, catalogue and document your data using machine learning to help you find and share data more quickly.


Talend Data Quality

Ensure your data is good data and ready to use by quickly identifying duplication errors, standardising and validating your information and ensuring your customer data is compliant.


Talend Data Preparation

Transform how IT and users work together with governed access to self-service tools for discovering, cleansing, and sharing data.

Each one of these areas can transform your data management, get in touch with our team and find out more about how we can help.


Training & Mentoring

When adopting a new technology, you need a helping hand to get your teams up and running as quickly as possible. A large part of what we do at Qbase is enabling you and your teams to understand and use Talend as quickly as possible. Our expert and certified team of developers can elevate your team’s knowledge and performance and get them learning new skills quickly.


Qbase can support you throughout your Talend journey, whether implementing a new data integration or just being on hand to answer a question, you will have access to our teams.

Our support is delivered to exceptionally high internal and external standards including ISO and BSI as well as those set by the software producers. Everything is co-ordinated through our dedicated support teams.  

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