Technologies: Sisense

Get insights from
large data-sets

Allowing businesses to analyse large amounts of disparate data is the foundation of Sisense. Built as an agile business intelligence solution, Sisense will give you the tools to support and manage your data with analytics and visuals. By combining your data sources, Sisense will give you an accurate view of a single database. With simple drag-and-drop functionality, Sisense is easy-to-use and simple to implement.

Not only is Sisense the first data analytics platform to provide a single-stack solution, it will also give you the power to:

  • Handle large amounts of data without any size restrictions;
  • A single version of the truth. By combing all data sources into one dataset you won’t have to worry about different sources telling you different things;
  • Access to charts, graphs and other visualisations;
  • Embedded dashboards and individual widgets;
  • Data mash-up functionality will allow you to input data from multiple sources instantly;
  • Interactive browser-based dashboards allow you to drill down into your data to gain as much insight into your data as possible.

Sisense will help you to become more data-driven by turning your data into intelligence. In turn, you can then use this information to meet your business objectives.

Training & Mentoring

At Qbase, our accredited trainers will help you to make the most out of Sisense. We will help you to build online training paths. Moreover, we’ll work closely with you to make sure that your teams have access to the right online training material based on their role. We will use a variety of methods to help train and mentor you such as; online portal and classroom-based training.

We will provide you with bespoke data source development videos which will be provided to you as part of your contract.  We understand how busy your day can be so we will store your videos onto a portal, available to share with your teams.



By providing you and your teams with “Show me” and “talk me through” support, we will ensure sure you are getting the most from Sisense.  You will have unlimited access to a large resource library which is designed to answer all your questions.

If you have any questions that are not in the resource library, then a member of our team will be on hand to find the answer you need.

Any support walkthroughs we do are recorded as a video. In turn, we store them in a library for you and your teams to watch at a later date. Plus, they’ll be available for reference whenever you might need them.

Above all, we help you to make the most out of Sisense. As a result, our experts will be on hand to assist you anytime you need them.