Ensure your data is
optimised for your
new system

Data Migrations from Qbase deliver trusted, accurate and complete data from legacy databases and data stores into your new database platform. Supporting CRM, ERP, Finance and HR database migrations among others, our best practice service simplifies this complex process to reduce your risk of a failed platform adoption.

Based around the PDMv2 model, our service moves the odds in your favour. Without our help, only 37% of migrations will succeed at first attempt. But with Qbase as your partner, this figure rises to 78% of new platform adoptions being delivered on time and within budget.

Our team of certified data migrations specialists will help you along every stage, from an initial Landscape Analysis through delivery and post go-live support.

Data migration process

Landscape Analysis

We identify and audit all of your data stores to assess data quality, relationships, business rules and accessibility to inform the design and provide an accurate scoping of the work.


Stakeholder Engagement

We identify all the project stakeholders and identify those highly interested, decision makers and subject matter experts who can help guide and support the migration.



We work with the stakeholders to agree a list of headline requirements and a specification for the work.


Planning & Governance

We develop a project plan and project governance which will include a Data Quality Rules Programme and sign-off processes.



We commission the technology, teams and processes to enable the migration to commence.


We set up the migration approach including training the internal teams, commissioning the migration controller, introducing version controls, creating the migration reporting and deploying the project management process.



We perform mapping and transformational design from legacy data stores to target platform which is facilitated by our Data Quality Rules process.


Gap Analysis

We identify data from legacy systems with no home in your new platform, and gaps in your new platform that is not supported by legacy data.



We develop the transformation scripts in the form of an executable migration controller that pulls through all the source data and loads it into your target platform.

Code Testing

We perform peer review and package testing on all code to ensure it matches the data quality and transformation rules. We also run reconciliation testing to ensure all data can be accounted for.


Process Testing

We run end-to-end testing to ensure the process is error free and so we can iron out any potential issues.


UAT Testing

We support a full User Acceptance Testing programme and provide a helpdesk and defect resolution service throughout.


Performance Tuning

We optimise the process, code and technology to carry out the migration in the fastest possible time.


We steward the whole migration process and have staff available to immediately intervene if there are any problems.


Post Launch Support

We warrant and support the migration following go live and run a helpdesk with responsive SLAs to identify and correct any defects that are discovered after go-live.


Integration with other technology

We are often asked to apply the data quality and transformation rules to other incoming data feeds in the form of automated ETL or connection of the new platform out to datalakes and data warehouses.

Why Qbase
is different

  • 63% of migrations without our help will fail, only 22% fail when we have been involved.
  • Our team can work collaboratively with existing resource, with you Systems Integrator, or as a completely outsourced service.
  • Our team is fully certified as PDMv2 Practical Data Migration Architects and are veterans of several migration projects.
  • We have worked on some of the largest CRM migrations in Europe for Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.
  • We will actively identify if there are any inherent issues with the target platform design or System Integrator’s processes and keep you informed of these.
  • We can work in any project management methodology including Agile, Scrum, waterfall or Prince 2.
  • Our Data Quality Rules Programme creates long term data governance that lives well beyond the life of the migration.

Useful resources

A Guide for Data Migration Success

Did you know that according to Experian, due to issues with data migration, only 46% of all new database implementation are delivered on time? Or that an incredible 74% of projects go over budget?

Great Ormond Street Hospital Case Study

The charity appointed Qbase in August 2017, as a data migration specialist to work with their systems integrator, Deloitte. The commission was to migrate their database of 2.7 million supporters from a legacy platform to Salesforce.