Trusted, timely data
is key to modern
business success.

Ensuring accurate data delivery into the hands of the people and technology that need it, enables you to identify and quickly capitalise on more opportunities. This is where we come in. Our data integration services help you scope, design, implement and manage all your requirements.

What is data integration?

Data integration is the process of combining multiple datasets, often in different formats from separate sources, into a unified view. Merging datasets has the advantages of streamlining interdepartmental communications, simplifying reporting, and making it easier to extract insights and valuable information.

How we work

Working across a range of data integration and ETL platforms, our service begins with our Business Analysts. Working to either support a new architecture, or improve an existing one, they will identify where data integration and automation could benefit your organisation. Once complete, they brief our architects who will design a solution which often links into our data quality programme.

Next, our team of Integration Developers will use tools such as Talend, Azure Data Factory, Alteryx and Informatica to create your ETL mapping, point-to-point integrations, API management or data pipelines. They can either work as an outsourced service or as part of a blended team with your own developers and SI partners.

Once launched, we provide first-class support designed to keep things working smoothly. We also offer training and mentoring services for internal teams new to modern integration practices and data-driven techniques.

Why Qbase
is different

Unlike other providers, we’re technology agnostic, recommending the tools and software which are right for your organisation. Working with Qbase, you can expect us to become a trusted partner integrated seamlessly into your own teams. Our curiosity means we’ll always be looking at ways to make your systems more efficient.

Based in Warrington, Qbase is one of the UK’s foremost data integration service providers. Either fill in our contact form or call 01925 644 800 to request a free demo of how we can transform your data.

Useful resources

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Data Integrations Whitepaper

The gap between those organisations making best use of their data and those that don’t will only grow. In this guide, we explain key data integration topics and look at what it takes to build data integration into business strategy and culture, so you can plan your next steps.