Change Management

Get the most from
your process,
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Effective change management is the thread that delivers successful large projects in any organization. At Qbase we offer a tried and tested change management model that takes you through the key stages of various levels of change, supported by review, assessment and feedback.

Preparing for change:

  • Create the vision
  • Define the case for change
  • Identify the scope of change
  • Potential impact of proposed changes
  • Stakeholders engagement
  • Change readiness and ability assessment for implementation


Planning for change:

  • Change management strategy plan.This will cover process, people, skills, structure, technology, suppliers, assessment and reporting
  • Build a change management project board and implementation team
  • Identify and schedule tasks for plan development
  • Stakeholder contribution, recognition and guidance in plan development

Implementing the change:

  • Assess each area impacted by change.These may include operations, HR, marketing and technology
  • Provide recommendations on what and how to enable change
  • Brief teams affected and transformation requirements
  • Assess effectiveness of change against desired outcomes in plan
  • Update process document aligned with change transformation


Sustaining change:

  • Two post go-live assessment points.We will look into how the change has been received and measure the success
  • Assess change areas against plan and goals for success
  • Provide recommendations for areas not performing in line with expectations
  • Prioritize and create change correction programs based on change strategy goals