Mastering data driven
marketing techniques
and practises

Data and insight have climbed to the top of everyone’s agenda, and with the right game plan, they can deliver the actions you need to meet your business outcomes.

Here at Qbase we shape your data and insight strategy by understanding your objectives, assess your current capabilities and identify the gaps to achieve your goals. This covers data management, technology architecture, resource management and support.

Programmes, Techniques and Channels

At each stage of the customer lifecycle you need to employ different programs, techniques and channels which are relevant to each customer or prospect:

  • Acquisition
  • Cross-sell
  • Up-sell
  • Re-buy
  • Retention
  • Reactivation
  • Value builders

How We Can Help

Qbase will help you to determine the optimal time to deploy these tactics.

Our data strategy experts help you to build a communications plan that produces lasting customer relationships to grow your business. We will use our knowledge and expertise to understand your business objectives and help you realise them by utilising one of your businesses greatest assets, data!

We provide long-term partnerships and project-based solutions that will help you plan and develop a data driven marketing strategy, with effective customer journeys.