Get more personal
with your customers

The days of working in data silos where customers engage with you in single channels are over. Customer expectations have evolved. When engaging with your brand or business, customers expect to be able to seamlessly jump from channel to channel. Or even consume multiple channels simultaneously. And definitely without having to repeat themselves.

This means it’s your job to synchronise data and messaging in real time across multiple channels. But don’t worry. We can help.

At Qbase we enable our clients to deliver omni-channel customer experiences via our QDP platform. Using this industry leading CDP, our consultants help to embed prescriptive analytics and real-time decisioning that provide consistent messaging across all of your channels in an instant. Customer interactions on one channel can be instantly handed off to another, or even occur simultaneously.

But making it personal is where we differ from our competitors. Our Customer Activated Relationship Optimisation solution (CARO for short), means that after every customer touchpoint you can instantly prepare the next action for a customer based on the previous interactions. Across all your channels. And in real time.

Curious to know how? Call us now and we will show you how your marketing KPIs will skyrocket with a customer centric omni-channel capability.