Develop journeys with
multiple channel

Marketing automation is a game changer. Just one problem. Most automation platforms are digital only. But most businesses are still engaged in several off-line direct marketing activities. That’s where Qbase come in.

Our marketing automation solutions are genuinely multi-channel. We help our clients implement automation technologies such as Apteco, Talend and Azure Synapse that enable all channels including direct mail, e-mail, social, face-to-face, apps, proximity, search, advertising, tele-marketing and SMS.

We help them build fully integrated, intuitive automation schemas that result in well considered, multi-channel customer journeys that deliver greater levels of customer engagement and conversion.

It’s how we enabled one of our B2B clients, Nisbets, to capture millions of pounds of additional sales through the connection of their digital, direct mail and telesales activities into a coherent customer engagement plan. Maybe we could do the same for you?