Understand your
customers better

Segmentation is the practice of taking large data sets and finding similarities to collate them into smaller, more manageable groups. These can range from demographics like age, gender or geographic location; their behaviour with your business; or their hopes, needs and wants.

Segmentation helps you understand your customers better, tailor communications and become more relevant and timelier in your relationship. Digital channels and CRM can use segments to tailor the customer experience. Your customer services teams could even use them to devise different tactics for customer objection handling. Tailoring these metrics to your business’s specific requirements will help you understand the outcomes.

For segmentation to be effective you must have a 360-degree view of your customer. Qbase will help you define the segmentation methodology that works for you, based on your objectives.

We will then help you carry out the first step, database analysis. We carry out analysis on three levels; behavioural, demographic and attitudinal to understand your customer needs. We also consider a broad range of variables, specific to your business, to measure against which set the building blocks for our segmentation. These techniques help to build clusters.

Personas are a vital part of the process and these will overlay sentiment analysis to bring to life your customers to your organisation and bring together the intelligence with the creative.

By implementing a segmentation strategy, you can improve the relevancy and timeliness of your engagements with your customers to win their hearts and minds and improve brand perception and loyalty.

It also means you can become more personalised with your engagements as you understand more about what your customers they like and don’t like.

The segments can also focus the business on nurturing valuable segments and creating new plans for those that are not so valuable to build on, which in turn can reduce costs.

Now you know more about your customers we have found it can also lead to new markets or products that you know segments might want.

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