Single Customer View (SCV) from Qbase

A single customer view will enable you to better respond to customer needs, identify opportunities through data analysis and captalise on them

Single Customer View (SCV)

Your customer and prospect data can be found in many sources. Some of it you will generate in the course of doing business. A lot of it will have been generated from online activity, including your website and social media. Yet more will come from external data you have bought from third parties.

Having all this data in one place, a single customer view, would allow you to better respond to customer needs, identify opportunities through analysis and insight and, captalise on them faster. It would also enable you to give your customers direct access to their own data in a ‘My Account’ application.

Bringing this data together in one place is a significant challenge. Often you are faced with different technologies, different data types and formats and, a stretched IT team. That’s where Qbase step in.

Presentation3-1024x576 Single Customer View (SCV)

We can help you to bring all of your customer information together in a single customer view, ensuring there is no duplication of records or inaccurate information. Our single customer view architects make this data available to you through insight tools and databases. We can even integrate your single customer view with your website or apps, giving your customers direct access to their own information so they can manage their account and communication preferences.

We work collaboratively with you to ensure that all your marketing and customer data is up-to-date, clean and accurate. We also guide you on your legal and regulatory compliance obligations and, how to maximise the value of your data within your marketing programmes.

With a single customer view from Qbase you can:

  • See your entire relationship with a customer
  • Identify more sales opportunities, faster
  • Predict and respond to customer needs
  • Manage customer preferences and stay legal
  • Deploy data driven applications, reporting and insight tools
  • Report accurate marketing performance
  • Eliminate duplication of communications to individuals
  • Only send relevant communications to customers