Data Quality Solutions from Qbase Data Services

Accurate data means better marketing results and our data quality team will ensure your data is accurate, consistent and reliable

Data Quality

Whether your requirement is for a simple data cleansing service, or on-going management of large customer or prospect single views, our data quality team will ensure your data is accurate, consistent and reliable.

Accurate data means better marketing results. It shows you are looking after your existing customers and provides opportunities to build new relationships from prospect data.

Data always changes and evolves because people pass away, businesses close, companies move premises and people move house. Our data quality team can ensure none of that affects your marketing results.

Qbase data quality services will fully clean your data, merge duplicate records, update customer records who have moved house or premises and, remove deceased individuals or companies no-longer trading. We can also let you know which customers and prospects have requested not to be contacted through the mail and telephone preference services.

Some of the larger data quality tasks we regularly undertake include campaign list base builds and prospect pools. We also offer cleaning services for CRM systems and marketing databases.

Our team have extensive experience building and maintaining data quality rules for data transformation and management, as well as data integration across multiple source systems.