Landscape Analysis with Qbase Data Services

Following your landscape analysis with Qbase you will understand the size and scope of the data migration challenges ahead

Landscape Analysis

Before you start moving any data into a new database it is vitally important that you understand the complexities and intricacies of the existing data assets. This is known as a landscape analysis.

As part of your landscape analysis, our data discovery process will catalogue and define all data stores, legacy processes and models and, provide a measurement of data quality and content.

We will identify areas of concern and incompatibility with your target database and, if done early enough in a system deployment plan, it can even be used to brief the final system design.

You will get in-depth reports that cover everything from macro data relationships down to detailed data profiling and, we can help you with your stakeholder engagement through workshops, interviews and data amnesties.

Ultimately you will understand the size and scope of the challenge ahead so that you can accurately plan a budget for the huge change you are bringing to your organisation.