Develop and Test Your Data Migration

Qbase's methodology for data migration develop and test services will ensure your migration is thorough, accurate and fast!

Develop and Test

Using the mapping, Data Quality Rules Database and migration design, our team will write your transformation code. This is written as executable packages that we can deploy on your legacy data to transform it into the loading formats required for your new CRM or database.

We design these packages to be efficient so they are repeatable for testing purposes. We start by producing a coverage load file, which has sample data to represent the full breadth of data needed in your final solution. This provides a file for your System Implementer to use for development and testing. If any issues are found in the coverage data we run a bug tracking solution so they can be quickly resolved.

Once you are happy with your design, along with the content of the coverage file, we produce a volume load file that can be used for load testing, stress testing and user acceptance testing. Again, our bug monitoring solution records any issues and questions and, we offer a helpdesk service to quickly resolve issues and answer questions on transformations.

We also develop a number of reconciliation and scenario tests, which compare the data content and end-to-end process to ensure accuracy of your final data.

Throughout the process we are performance tuning the transformation to make it as efficient as possible, so we can minimise the time needed to perform the physical migration.