Data Migration Solutions from Qbase

Our data migration specialists ensure your data is analysed, migrated, fixed, transformed and fully optimised for your new system

Data Migration

If you are implementing a new CRM, ERP or back-office database, we can help ensure your data is analysed, migrated, fixed, transformed and fully optimised for your new system.

Systems data migration is your opportunity to resolve long-standing issues with your data, improve quality, make your processes more streamlined and your employees more productive.

Qbase data migration team approach projects by starting with a detailed landscape analysis of all your current data sources, with in-depth exploratory data analysis and the compilation of data quality rules (DQRs) that will govern the management of your data in the new system.

Our data migration specialists can aggregate data from your multiple source databases, run field mapping and provide gap analysis to identify potential issues in your design. We can carry out your data quality improvements and transformations and, produce clean, accurate files for loading into your new platform.

Whether you are going for the ‘big bang’ switch-over or a phased approach to your new system adoption, our data migration team have a wealth of experience and expertise to help you migrate to new platform. We will enable you to deliver your data migration project on-time, in budget and with buy-in from your entire organisation. We also have experience of rescuing failed or problematic migrations so, if you have already embarked on a project that has run into difficulties, we have the knowledge and skills to help you turn it around.

We approach all data migration projects using the 4-stage process below, modifying the programme structure based on the client requirement:

Qbase-1-300x169 Data Migration

We agree the approach in collaboration with you, your system implementer and any other key project stakeholders.