Marketing Data Analysis Software for Public Sector

As of May 22nd, Qbase are delighted to announce that two of their flagship cloud-based products are now available via the Cloudstore. With Qbase marketing data analysis software under the new framework g-cloud 5, making it simple and economic for buyers in any public service or non-profit organisation to procure our products.

We also have new pricing tiers to ensure that entry-level for all Qbase products on the Cloudstore is low-cost. In turn, this ensures that from a single user to 1000 users, public service and non-profit organisations get fantastic value for money from Qbase.

Self-contained CRM-stakeholder management platform

SMART is a self-contained cloud-based CRM platform for managing, classifying and communicating with stakeholders. In short, SMART can support multiple users in an enterprise and allow them to:

  • load stakeholders from data files;
  • classify stakeholders using tags;
  • map and track change in stakeholders’ attitudes using the mapping module.

SMART, in summary, obtains powerful data by:

  • gathering web forms;
  • tracking social media input and;
  • giving users broadcast email and SMS facilities to manage engagement programmes.

FastStats Discoverer

Marketing Data Analysis Software The FastStats is a suite of marketing analysis products. In short, they provide access to the information in your enterprise, enabling you to understand your customers & stakeholders better.

FastStats will provide an easy-to-use train of thought analysis and powerful and detailed visualisation of your data. Moreover, it provides fast, visual and truly easy to use data analysis. Coupled with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and Wizards that guide you through powerful analysis routines.

About Qbase

Since 1991, Qbase specialises in helping organisations:

  • classify;
  • integrate;
  • transform and;
  • deploy marketing, stakeholder and transactional data.

In summary, all Qbase services – from Data Cleanse to CRM-stakeholder to Insight/data visualisation – are 100% in the cloud.

Accordingly, we can offer our clients low-cost, high-value scalable data solutions. Moreover, it all stems from within our secure ISO27001 certified, UK infrastructure.