Client: Help for Heroes

Help for Heroes Improve Data Quality to PAF Standards

The Challenge

Help for Heroes had spent several months bringing together several different data sets to create a single view of their supporters. However, with no standardisation of how or what supporter data had been captured, it was difficult to understand how many supporters the charity actually had or understand their behaviour.

The Solution

Qbase worked with Help for Heroes to ensure all the data that had been collected was standardised and consistent across all records, including PAF cleaning, standardisation of pick list values, appending data, splitting joint records and company records and, providing format validation.

Once complete Qbase applied its proprietary data quality processes to remove duplicate records from the dataset and cross reference the whole database against a variety of suppression and address tracking files.

The Result

95% of all records adhered to PAF standard addressing, with appended titles to 90% of supporter records and over 60,000 duplicate records identified and removed from the dataset.

One of the biggest transformations was Help for Heroes ability to personalise its communications and improve the experience of its supporters when engaging with the charity’s campaigns.

The impact on marketing and fundraising activities was felt immediately. Direct mail and email marketing campaign costs were significantly reduced, while response rates and ROI were boosted.