Business Analysis and Insight from Qbase

Business analysis and insight enables you to rigorously interrogate datasets to find intelligence that would ordinarily be hidden from the decision makers

Business Analysis and Insight

As data becomes easier to access and more readily available, the challenge for organisations in the modern global economy is to analyse and understand it all.

Whether your data is stored in a central system or multiple fragmented sources, business analytics and insight can enable you and your organisation undertake rigorous analysis of your datasets to find business insights that would ordinarily be hidden away from the decision making process.

We have a dedicated business analytics and insight team, comprising data transformation specialists, analytic experts and statistical modelling engineers, who can draw out valuable insights that will inform and drive better business planning. Our proprietary process is simple, structured and supported by data scientists who can turn insight into action, generating productivity savings, protecting brands and eliminating marketing and sales wastage within your organisation.

If you require an in-house or outsourced analytics solution, which forms an extension of your existing business analytics and insight team, or a program that is engineered to develop and empower your employees with the right analytical tools, we can help you find the right solution for you and your business.

We use a range of analytical data mining and statistical software systems, including Faststats, R, SPSS and SAS, in which we apply a range of modelling techniques, such as time series, cluster, regression and decision tree modelling, to enable you and your organisation achieve your business objectives.