Apteco Announce 2015 Top Performing Partners

Apteco recently announced its top performing partners for 2015, with Qbase, joined the rank of top performing partners at number one. This award acknowledges the elite group of FastStats resellers whose sales, renewals and overall engagement throughout the year rank them at the top of Apteco’s prestigious partner network of over 70 partners globally.

Simon Fletcher, Business Development Director at Apteco commented:

“We want to congratulate our top three performing partners in 2015 on their outstanding commitment and service to their FastStats clients. The achievement of these partners is the result of their expertise, skill and knowledge of FastStats, which has been developed over many years of implementing and managing our solutions. We have strong relationships with our partners and offer a wide range of support and consultancy services to empower them to help their clients to achieve. We are thrilled at the success and dedication of the top performing partners and we look forward to working with them over the coming years.”

Apteco’s business model is based on licensing the FastStats software range of marketing data analysis and campaign automation products via an international reseller network of marketing service providers, agencies and consultancies. These providers are able to offer the data preparation, database building, hosting support services, creative and strategy planning, plus much more that is required to successfully manage FastStats systems for their clients.

FastStats users are given fingertip access to their marketing databases via the FastStats DiscovererTM and FastStats PeopleStageTM applications. Clients benefit from the experience their partner’s in-house analysts and campaign managers offer, ensuring they maximise the insight that can be gained from their data through FastStats to drive highly targeted marketing activity and effective communications.

If you would like to know more about the FastStats suite of solutions, including marketing automation platform PeopleStage, contact us today.

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