Qbase Gain PDM Accreditation for Practical Data Migration

By Robin Cronan, 28th October 2014

The Qbase Data Migration team are now accredited data migration providers after successfully completing iErgo’s ‘Practical Data Migration v2 Certification Programme’, which helps us further improve our execution of large scale data migration projects for our customers.

Data migration projects are almost always very complex and expensive investments for any organisation, not just in terms of financial capital but human resource too.

Four in 5 projects are not on time or on budget

According to a Bloor Industries report, 80% of data migration projects overrun on cost and time. On average, cost overruns amount to 30% of a company’s total investment in the project. This means that poor execution can push your data migration project:

  • far beyond your original project budget and;
  • cause a whole plethora of added complications.

These persistent failings are a result of data migration not being recognised as a profession in its own right, which is exacerbated by approximately 76% of companies attempting to develop their own methodology instead of adopting a tried and tested process that can be implemented by an accredited professional.

iErgo are one of the first organisations accredited to provide training in PDM, the internationally recognised open methodology in Data Migration, which is delivered via a series of public classes or private on-site sessions.

Practical Data Migration certification

Qbase invited industry authority Johny Morris of iErgo to our head office in September 2014 to deliver the ‘Practical Data Migration v2 Certification Programme’ to our team led by our Technical Solutions Director, Nick Kelly.

The programme concluded in October 2014 with five Qbase staff successfully completing the training course. As a result, the Qbase team is now a PDM Certified provider of Practical Data Migration solutions.

Qbase uses PDM to apply a framework to data migration projects, that ensures the customer migrates all the data they required, and none of the data they don’t. PDM processes reduce the risk of critical data not being surfaced in the new application, thereby improving user acceptance and system adoption, whilst helping to prevent costly project overruns.

“Qbase deliver data migration solutions to a number of high profile customers but as our business grows, which it has done over the last few years, it is important that all new members of staff can deliver the same high standards. What better way to do this than through a PDM Data Migration Accreditation? I am really pleased with the commitment shown by my team and thrilled that Qbase is now an accredited Data Migration provider,” says Nick Kelly of Qbase.

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