About Qbase

Qbase are an experienced business in a young industry and are proven experts in what we do


Established in 1990, Qbase are an experienced business in a young industry and are proven experts at what we do. Our expertise is demonstrated through our knowledge and our knowledge drives the solutions we provide to our clients. These solutions enable our clients to make more profitable business decisions and investments.

How we solve our clients’ business challenges is through collaboration. Businesses are run by people and people work better with friends. With this in mind we like to engage with our clients at every step of the process. Our friendliness and professionalism ensure a genuine connection with our clients, which often leads to us becoming an extension of their business and sharing in their successes.

Marketing is constantly moving. Data driven marketing is at the front of this movement and if organisations do not innovate, they will be left behind. Our innovative approach to data driven marketing empowers our clients to make more effective decisions and ensures they are never left behind.

Accuracy and effectiveness is vital to our work. We understand this. The results we deliver to our clients and our reputation is based on accuracy. Everything we do is quality checked to our own internal controls and external standards, such as ISO. We keep our focus on the end result so that objectives are always met. Importantly, we understand how we met each objective and then we learn how to do it better, so our solutions become even more effective for our clients. Being effective is why clients choose to work with Qbase, how we keep them happy and why so many of our clients have been with us for many, many years.