Web Development

Our custom web services are an area where we really excel.

Reliable and scalable web solutions

Transaction processing

We have developed a number of specialist transaction processing engines for publishing, greeting cards, diaries, fine wines and data sales. Each system reflects precisely the transaction method for that market, ensuring that the customer can easily place their order and monitor its progress in fulfilment.

We can take and process orders in more than 50 currencies and can pass the transactions directly into host systems or using batch update files.

Stakeholder management

We have developed an extensive stakeholder management application allowing large government departments to easily collect, categorise, update and communicate with disparate groups of stakeholders.

Different user permissions are configurable to ensure all users have the appropriate data access and discrete views of the data can be created to protect sensitive information.

Content management system

Our content management systems allow our customers to dynamically build their web sites to multiple levels.

We have a comprehensive system that allows for image management, page creation with nesting pages to multiple levels, URL creation, page header, page title and meta tag creation, keywords and news boxes.

Revenue builders

We have engineered successful revenue builders into client sites. Focusing specifically on order page building we have developed product cross sell matrices to recommend additional products, product history recommendations ["people who bought this also bought the following..."] and discounts linked to order values. These are simple and highly effective techniques for increasing order value that can be built into almost any web site.