We have developed a wide range of low-cost data cleansing, data enhancement, suppression and record de-duplication services.

Suppression management

Data is the most under-valued and least worked asset in your business. Enhancing your customer and prospect records with demographic information can only add to its value and allow more informed decisions based on greater data intelligence.

Matching your data to suppression files is part data protection law, part best practice and, finally, a great way of saving costs!

Qbase have access to a vast selection of enhancement and suppression databases in the UK (consumer and business related).

Demographics Suppressions
Geodemographic Overlays Goneaways
Electoral Roll Bereavement/mortality
Lifestyle Information Telephone Preference Service
BT OSIS Telephone File Corporate Telephone Preference Service
Standard Industrial Classification [SIC] Mailing Preference Service
Number of Employees Fax Preference Service
Company Financial Information Email Preference Service
Company Subsidiaries National Change of Address [NCoA]
DUNS Numbering Liquidations & Insolvencies