Business intelligence and direct marketing services

We offer a wide range of marketing and business analysis tools to help you realise the true potential of your business

Practical examples of improving data performance

Within most organisations lies disparate sets of data that if combined could yield significant additional revenues to the data owner in terms of reduced costs, less waste and increased profits, especially from customer data. Qbase currently works with more than 100 companies to combine, clean, normalise and analyse this data.

Our goal is to help you leverage maximum value from the sales, marketing and transactional data within your enterprise. By turning data into intelligence, we can assist your organisation in developing and implementing highly profitable sales and marketing strategies, tactics and solutions.

Qbase services are designed to empower the marketing data user - we work hard to shape, analyse and deliver robust reliable marketing data to you the customer, in fact we have been doing this since 1991 for one of our customers, the Brady Corporation of Milwaukee, USA.

We also have extensive experience in the design, implementation and management of online transaction processing systems, marketing and stakeholder databases and e-marketing programmes for driving customer value.

Business Insight

We produce business insight reports
telling you exactly who to market
to and with what frequency


We have provided measurable and
profitable consultancy services to
improve customer revenues since 2000

Customer Acquisition

A unique service for the planning,
management and measurement of
profitable customer recruitment

Customer Retention

We provide profitable strategies for
increasing the number of retained
customers and donors

Data Capture

We capture millions of items for a
wide range of clients, including
mailing returns and survey data

Data Management

We offer data cleansing, enhancement,
suppression and de-duplication services,
getting the most out of your data

Due Diligence Analysis

Maximize your success! We have a successful
programme of analytic tools to help advise
you on potential deals or mergers

Legacy Data Conversion

We have extensive experience in legacy
data projects, specialising in
transactional data migration

E-business Solutions

We have a developed range of easy-to-use
online applications to help you
connect with your marketing data

List Rental Processing

Our list rental fulfilment team can assess
revenue potential and identify
the most profitable data selections