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The most on-line business intelligence company in Europe

You see what we see... Qbase customers can see their entire project on-line, from the individual data files as they are loaded through to each of project updates as they occur. By the end of 2008, Qbase customers will also be able to view the results of the data cleaning, transformation, merging and output on-line as we complete an extensive cycle of process automation.

Qbase Extranet allows you to view your Qbase projects on our Extranet and check on their exact progress. You can also use the Qbase Extranet to view data from all the data sources submitted for your project to review layout, content and data samples. You can also enter and respond to Change Management requests on your projects.

Select QbaseMail to access our unique customer-oriented e-mail broadcast tool. QbaseMail lets you personalise your e-mail broadcast so that you can segment your offer according to different customer attributes. QbaseMail also allows you to precisely track orders from your e-mail broadcasts.

If you want to send Qbase any data, make sure that you have a Secure File Transfer Account [SFTA]. This will allow you to send Qbase any volume of data, images, documents or other electronic material securely, since the SFTA automatically encrypts [256 bit] the transmission from your desktop to our servers, ensuring that your data is protected during transmission.

Got a question for Qbase? Use our support service for a speedy answer to any data related query. We promise you get back to you within 8 working hours, whatever the query. You can attach screen grabs or small data samples to your support tickets now.