Normalising Data

We have developed a wide range of low-cost data cleansing, data enhancement, suppression and record de-duplication services.

Ensure data integrity with accurate normalisation

Normalised data can be described as "data in the correct format with data items in the correct fields and standardised and consistent labels for selectable fields such as Job Function and Organisation Type" and is a critical component of data maintenance. Qbase normalises global data from multiple sources, ensuring correct alignment and definitions.

De-normalised data reduces the accuracy of almost all data processing activities and can misrepresent the size and value of customer databases in the event that it creates significant but hard to remove levels of internal duplication.

One of the most common causes of de-normalisation is when data is exported, the export itself de-normalises the data to the extent that the file is corrupt. Fixed field files with the wrong layout and/or field types is the most common cause of this problem.

Bespoke normalisation procedures

Qbase has developed a number of procedures which can be tailored to specific customer requirements to normalise the key fields in marketing and transactional data.

  • Name and name components [including Prefix, Suffix and Honours fields]
  • Organisation [including department and room number]
  • Job Title [we have look-ups to normalise more than 1,000,000 job titles]
  • Job Function [job function groupings such as Sales or Finance]

A major part of the normalisation work Qbase now undertakes is part of data migration projects to consolidate historical data sources and then migrate the data into customer relationship management [CRM] systems like Sales Force and Saleslogix.