by Robin Cronan – 17/06/2014

Marketing Week Live kicks off on 25th and 26th June at the Olympia Grand and Qbase are using their exhibition space at E269a to offer a FREE Marketing Surgery to all companies.

This year the event promises a brand new approach with an integrated experience designed to help you accelerate your marketing plans and your career.

Invest a day at Marketing Week Live and there's no possible way you'll leave without a head (and notebook) full of ideas, inspirations, tools, tactics and potential partners.

There's no event in the UK anything like Marketing Week Live. Not just because it's big and buzzy and brilliant (it is). But because Marketing Week's editorial teams (top marketers themselves) have created an event that reflects your biggest opportunities, threats and challenges.

If you haven't booked your place at this year's Marketing Week Live you can register for a free delegate pass on the organiser's website.

Qbase will be providing a free Marketing Surgery for all companies so, whether you need advice on list broking or help with your data marketing strategy, or want to discuss CRM systems or large scale migration projects, our specialist team will be available to discuss your business challenges and see if they can offer any free advice to help you and your business progress.

If you would like to book a specific time please register your details before the event.

Rising Star Jack Harrold Wins Silver at Insight in Fundraising Awards

by Robin Cronan – 17/06/2014

At the 2014 annual Insight in Fundraising Awards, organised by the Institute of Fundraising, Jack Harrold wins the Rising Star Silver Award.

Nominated by the Alzheimer's Society for his dedication, commitment, enthusiasm and ability to take on new projects and deliver clear and actionable insight, Jack Harrold was awarded silver at the Insight in Fundraising Awards, picking up his prize in the Rising Star category.

Picking up the award Jack said: “I am absolutely delighted to win this award, it's a very proud moment for me, but it truly wouldn't have been possible without the help and support of the team at Qbase. I'd also like to say a big thank you to Helen and Anita at the Alzheimer's Society for nominating me this year.”

At the age of 20, Jack is proving to be one of the most exciting analyst prospects in the sector and an inspiration to all of us. His absolute determination to get things right, constant questioning and honesty have ensured the success of key projects for Alzheimer's Society, allowing the organisation to base key decisions about its fundraising mix and fundraising strategy on robust, well thought out and well-tested analysis.

“We are delighted that Jack won Silver for the Rising Star Award. Jack absolutely deserves it and his determination, proactivity and attention to detail have ensured the success of LTV, which has had a significant impact on our fundraising and the way to talk to our supporters. We couldn't have done it without him”, commented Helen Jackson, Customer Experience Manager at Alzheimer's Society.

The Alzheimer's Society has been working with Qbase for over 4 years. Jack joined its talented team in 2012, aged 19, having completed ‘A’ Levels in ICT, Maths and Further Maths and, having been with Qbase for only a few weeks, was tasked with building a Life Time Value Model for Alzheimer's Society to determine data capture requirements, data definitions, what the final dashboard report would look like and how fundraisers would use this report.

Furthermore, Jack was the main point of contact for all technical queries relating to the LTV build. To support this, Jack has to grasp the fundamentals of fundraising within a matter of weeks and build up a detailed knowledge of business rules and data structures, having had no prior experience of fundraising and having worked as an analyst for a relatively short time.

Following on from the development of LTV analysis, Jack went on to develop product profiles to understand the significant factors for people converting to different fundraising products, and the sequence of communications increasing the likelihood of conversion. This second key project enabled the Alzheimer's Society to review and test new supporter journeys, support increasing retention rates and grow regular giving – one of the strands of its fundraising strategy. Again, Jack's thoroughness and intuition ensured the success of the project to date, as well as his ability to translate complex analysis into something meaningful. He has also been responsible for training new members of the Qbase Team to support this project.

Jack is highly regarded by the Customer Experience team at Alzheimer's Society and is considered the unofficial fifth member of the Customer Experience Team. He is the first person the analysts turn to for FastStats and analysis advice. Jack's work with the Alzheimer's Society on complex Lifetime Value Analysis and profiling projects, projects which will impact significantly on its fundraising performance, prove he is an outstanding individual who will not only make a significant impact within the data science field, but also to the lives of people affected by dementia.

Qbase CRM, insight services and data visualisation tools now available to Local and Central Government.

by Ian Johnstone – 17/06/2014

As of May 22nd, Qbase are delighted to announce that two of their flagship cloud-based products are now available via the Cloudstore , under the new framework g-cloud 5, making it simple and economic for buyers in any public service or non-profit organisation to procure our products. We have created new pricing tiers to ensure that the entry level for all Qbase products on the Cloudstore is low-cost, ensuring that from a single user to 1000 users, public service and non-profit organisations get fantastic value for money from Qbase.

SMART Unique self-contained CRM-stakeholder engagement and management platform.

SMART is a self-contained cloud-based CRM platform for managing, classifying and communicating with stakeholders. SMART can support multiple users in an enterprise and allow them to load stakeholders from data files, classify stakeholders using tags, map and track change in stakeholders' attitudes using the mapping module. SMART contains powerful data gathering web forms, tracks social media input and give users broadcast email and SMS facilities to manage engagement programmes.

FastStats Discoverer - powerful data insight, visualisation and analysis tool

Marketing Data Analysis Software The FastStats suite of marketing analysis products provide access to the information in your enterprise, enabling you to understand your customers & stakeholders better. FastStats will provide easy-to-use train of thought analysis and powerful and detailed visualisation of your data. FastStats provides fast, visual and truly easy to use data analysis with an intuitive drag and drop interface and Wizards that guide you through powerful analysis routines.

About Qbase: founded in 1991, Qbase specialises in helping organisations, classify, integrate, transform and deploy marketing, stakeholder and transactional data. All Qbase services from Data Cleanse through to CRM-stakeholder and Insight/data visualisation, are 100% cloud-based. This means we can offer our clients low-cost, high-value scalable data solutions, all from within our secure ISO27001 certified, UK-based infrastructure.

Qbase shortlisted for 2 awards at the Institute of Fundraising

by Mark Robinson – 30/04/2014

Qbase are proud to have been nominated for two Insight in Fundraising Awards. The NSPCC nominated Qbase for the Supplier of the Year and Alzheimer’s Society nominated Business Analyst, Jack Harrold for the Rising Star award. Results will be announced at the Institute Of Fundraising awards dinner on June 3rd.

Mark Robinson, VP Qbase, commented “It is particularly gratifying to be nominated for these awards by our clients and we would like to extend our thanks to the NSPCC and Alzheimer’s Society. Their nominations are a vote of confidence in Qbase and our commitment to helping the sector improve their data-based fundraising activities”

About Qbase: Qbase provide a complete range of data-based services, including list broking, data enhancements, business insight, CRM & analytical systems, data processing and strategic consultancy.

Integrate data sources for long-term marketing ROI

by Ian Johnstone – 30/04/2014

The Problem

Most organistions often have data in different transactional systems, reflecting the priority of responding to new marketing channels first, and then getting the infrastructure right later. In an ideal world businesses would have a single system for online and offline transaction processing, yet the major platforms did not respond quickly enough to the need to support on-line trading 10 years ago, a gap in the market that was quickly filled by various bespoke online trading platforms. Since most transaction processing systems were really mainframe based, they did not lend themselves to live data connections to websites. They still don’t, it surprises me how many ERP systems still struggle to post accurate inventory levels online, perhaps only Amazon does this really well right now. So, nowadays we find that most of our customers have at least two transaction processing systems; add to this a website CMS, an email broadcast platform and any legacy data they might have, and you have a problem: too many data sources.


Ten years of online trading has created some headaches for marketeers, many of which stem from the divergent data sources that modern business creates. One solution is to look for a Single Customer View (SCV), which makes sense, but is rarely implemented, as you can’t just buy a platform to do this; you need developers, data migration architects, and considerable data migration experience. The complexity makes it easy to relegate the SCV to the bottom drawer of IT projects, where it often stays, as there are always more attractive, short-term rewards to be had from a new website or perhaps a CRM system.

False economy

This doesn’t make sense in the long term though, as inevitably marketing data builds in complexity and volume across the different platforms, with little interoperability, making the cost of storing and using the data ever higher. There is a further problem on the horizon in the form of data protection and it’s increasing focus on allowing consumers to manage their relationships with organisations. Pretty soon you will have to show your customers what data you hold on them, and at the same time allow them to specify when and how you can communicate. Not such an easy thing to do without an SCV, where all the customer-centric data is stored in one place. It’s time to reconsider the SCV, and take a longer term view of your data.

The SCV Advantage

If you look at the SCV as a data layer which you build slowly, adding data feeds singly, it needn’t be a complex and costly project. First, you will need a thoughtful data schema based around the core SCV data sets of people, places, transactions, demographics and marketing history. With reference to the recent Heartbleed virus, think carefully about using an open source database platform for your SCV. But mainly, get an SCV going now, to stay ahead of the competition and before it becomes a legal requirement to have one.


Qbase has built numerous SCVs, the smallest of which holds <10K records, the largest holds >67 million records, so if you need some assistance in planning, designing, building or implementing an SCV call us.