Names & Gender

We have developed a wide range of low-cost data cleansing, data enhancement, suppression and record de-duplication services.

Return to sender - the importance of name and gender validation

Data owners rarely pay attention to the quality of naming on their customer records, even fewer consider whether gender has been applied correctly, if at all.

Frequently names appear in organisation and address fields and are not processed correctly for their whole life-cycle in a database.

Simple and low cost solutions

Qbase has developed a number of simple and low-cost solutions to ensure that names are correctly built, are valid and split into their composite components [Prefix, Title, Forename, Surname and Suffix]. These processes can be applied as data is loaded and can dramatically improve the appearance, usability and ultimately the responsiveness of customer data.

Nothing alienates customers more than to see their name mis-spelt or with the wrong gender! Correctly named data will improve deliverability and response rates.

Qbase uses a forename look-up table to validate 100,000 forenames during data entry.