Marketing Database

Instant access to your customer and prospect data in a secure online environment

Increase customer revenues with Qbase Online - easy access to marketing data

In many organisations data requests from marketing are at the back of a long queue, yet delays in accessing marketing data can reduce a company's customer revenue. The problem grows if you add to this the time it takes to combine data sources from different host systems to get an overall picture of your customer behaviour.

Our experience is marketing data

Qbase has nearly 20 years experience in creating homogenous marketing data from multiple sources, now we can combine this skill with our web services to deliver all your marketing data direct to your desktop in an easy-to-use secure online environment.

Now with Qbase online we can offer you instant access to your data in a secure online environment. Qbase online is a Microsoft SQL Server hosted database with the following powerful features:

  • Fast updating of transaction history for an instant picture of customer behaviour
  • Combine multiple data sources for complete customer history
  • Easy-to-use customer interface for data selections and download
  • Pre-built customer segmentation - always know who your top customers are
  • Edit individual records for address changes and suppression requests

Market with e-mail and data capture

Qbase online has additional modules for data capture and e-mail broadcast. The data capture module allows you create online data capture forms which you can then customise for your own house style and insert into web pages. The data from these forms is fed directly into your online marketing database ensuring you respond fastest to incoming data.

You can make a data selection and broadcast an e-mail to it directly from within the marketing database. The e-mail broadcast facility is very powerful, allowing you customise your emails by inserting data fields from your marketing database and also sending attachments.

You can watch the response to your e-mail with our online html reports which show you in real-time HTML read-receipts and click-throughs. Any e-mail suppression requests are automatically processed.

For more information on this service please contact Rob Jones