Email Broadcast

Our email marketing software is outstanding in itself but when combined with our in-depth email reporting it really gets interesting.

QbaseMail - easy electronic communication

Welcome to QbaseMail v4.0, a simple to use low cost email transmission which brings the management and control of email marketing in-house, allowing you to create and transmit more frequently than is possible with an external supplier to whom you have to send data.

Automation. No HTML Knowledge Required!

QbaseMail v 4.0 has been designed to allow Marketing Managers and their staff to control the management of email lists, their customisation and email transmission without any technical knowledge.

We have automated the whole process giving you a series of straightforward forms to complete which control the entire mechanism.

With QbaseMail you can quickly and easily create and send surveys to your customers... and track the results online!

Personalise your emails

In almost all cases the addition of someones name and their company name to an email broadcast will improve response to the email. QbaseMail 4.0 allows you to quickly insert numerous data fields to ensure that your marketing message is tailored precisely to each recipient.

Track actual sales

At last you can directly attribute revenue from orders generated from email broadcast using QbaseMail. Order values will show in our HTML real-time reports as they are placed. The reports also show you the product lines ordered and their line value.

Safety first

The entire QbaseMail v 4.0 application is contained within the secure area of our website, which uses industry standard 256 bit encryption to protect your valuable customer and prospect data from increasingly inventive hackers. The QbaseMail servers sit behind our Checkpoint Firewall to ensure the integrity of your data.

Opt-outs and DPA compliance

In QbaseMail v4.0 you can manage your suppressions online without having to always upload a new suppression file before each email transmission.

QbaseMail v4.0 will build your suppression file automatically as suppression requests come in. This is done at two levels, interest group suppression [e.g. "please don't send me any more newsletters"] and global suppression.

Before each email is transmitted, the outgoing data is automatically compared against your suppression file.