Due Diligence Analysis

Qbase has a successful programme of business analysis to help advise you on potential deals or mergers.

Business integration - how does it work?

  • Precisely calculate the true net value of a customer base
  • Measure overlap between different customer databases
  • Accurately merge multiple databases to form a Single Customer View
  • Identify where to combine customer databases for maximum return
  • Identify what to sell combined customer databases for revenue growth
  • Measure Life Time Value [LTV] and customer loyalty
  • Run historical customer segmentation using RFM by product group

Get the true picture of customer value in acquisitions

Some of the analysis services developed over the years by Qbase are ideal in helping to establish the true value, real net growth and measurable customer loyalty when buying a business or when developing a multi-brand strategy.

Mergers and acquisitions continue to grow year on year, yet failure rates are significant also, predominantly due to poor integration.

Qbase can significantly reduce the prospect of failure through robust, structured analysis of your customers and their purchasing behaviour. The problem is widespread...

"58% of companies purchased had a lower Total Shareholder Return [TSR] 23 months after the merger announcement than 3 months before" source - AT Kearney

Qbase business integration service

We have an extensive and well established programme of analysis and audit to review a potential business acquisition or when considering the impact of different brands in the same marketplace. Our approach is entirely objective as it is solely dependent on the data we audit.

Each project is planned in detail with the client, test data is run to assess the methodology, amendments to the audit and analysis are made and then the work is undertaken.

On completion the project is then audited internally before being presented to the client.