Data Based Marketing

Welcome to Qbase where we help you to save money and make more sales from your direct and data marketing by ensuring you are only communicating with the customers and prospects who are likely to respond

Delivering your business more sales, lower costs and higher profits!

At Qbase we use a combination of data analytics, propensity modelling and data cleansing to prepare highly refined, highly targeted mailing files that will allow you to save money and increase sales from your direct and data marketing activities. We specialise in the management of prospect pools and developing predictive models for making audience selection, often with net names licensing agreements so you only pay for prospect data you actually mail.

Of the many billions of rows of data we process, analyse and manage every year, almost 50% is international. Our expertise in this area is unrivalled and gives you a unique opportunity to centralise your international marketing campaigns.

Our cloud bases, highly scalable CRM system called the SCV is specifically designed for the needs of marketing professionals who engage in large scale direct marketing campaigns. We are an Apteco FastStats Partner and in 2010 we won the best use of FastStats award from Apteco for our data marketing work with one of our large charity customers. Our list sourcing and broking expertise often halves the cost of list purchasing for our customers, yet delivers better results.

Our efficient, skilled and thorough approach to data driven direct marketing is unrivalled in the industry. At Qbase we always deliver a tangible result for our customers – additional profit!

Business Insight

We produce business insight reports
telling you exactly who to market
to and with what frequency


We have provided measurable and
profitable consultancy services to
improve customer revenues since 2000

Customer Acquisition

A unique service for the planning,
management and measurement
of profitable customer recruitment

Customer Retention

We provide profitable strategies for
increasing the number of retained
customers and donors

Data Capture

We capture millions of items for a
wide range of clients, including
mailing returns and survey data

Data Management

We offer data cleansing, enhancement,
suppression and de-duplication services,
getting the most out of your data