Data Capture

The accuracy of captured data is of vital importance to a successful organisation.

Delivering complex high value data capture reliably

The quality of your data-capture has a direct impact on the way you can subsequently use the information. Qbase places great emphasis on quality, price, security and environmental best-practice in its data capture service delivery.

In today's world of electronic data management, it is easy to forget that much of the information held within your systems originated from manual keying!

We also recognise that data capture encompasses not just paper based data, but also scanned information, web data, survey information and any amount of data from CRM or transactional systems.

The increase in privacy legislation and the "green agenda" means that companies can no longer ignore returned mailing items and white mail - Qbase can show you how to implement a practical strategy for handling this data and improving the accuracy of your customer data at the same time.

Qbase data captures millions of items every year for a wide range of clients, including loyalty card applications, mailing returns, survey data and white mail. All data is securely managed on our infrastructure – once received, it never leaves our servers throughout the entire process.

Integrated solutions

Qbase can show you how to combine into a single entity disparate data captured or originating from multiple sources as we have extensive experience in data aggregation and normalisation. Here is a working example of how we currently do this for Staples Retail in the UK.

As all our services are web based, we can expose the data capture and data consolidation process in secure HTML forms for your own staff to work on, or complete the work on your behalf using our low-cost secure offshore facilities.

How secure & cost effective is your data capture?

Qbase would like to help you answer that question. We believe that we can significantly reduce the cost and time involved in data capture for most organisations. At the same time our experience in ETL and data normalisation means that we can also combine all your data feeds into a single database entity if required - we can also surface the data to your organisation via a secure HTML front-end so that you can select, edit and download the data 24/7.

Free data assessment service

No charge: Qbase will conduct a data stream audit in your organisation evaluating your data sources, data capture processes and methodologies and where appropriate, recommending change. This service is free to Qbase customers.

Secure data capture infrastructure

Qbase uses offshore data capture services for maximum cost efficiency. Data protection compliance is ensured as offshore data entry staff work on one record at a time on secure Qbase servers via an HTTPS web front end. Only Qbase staff in the UK can view the data or download any records.

Data accuracy is paramount, we use address validation software embeded in the data capture forms and name look-up dictionaries to ensure that the records captured are of the highest possible standards. High capacity is ensured as we have access to hundreds of data entry staff and can have simultaneous keying for several hundred staff.

Quality control is maintained via a regime of visual checks and data sampling throughout the process. Last but by no means least, we recycle 100% of the all returned mail and white mail we process, saving hundreds of tons of paper from landfill every year.

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