About Us: Customer Testimonials

We take customer service very seriously and we are proud of our client relationships, but don’t take our word for it, here are a few examples.

Customers come first at Qbase

We work very hard to retain our customers at Qbase. We do this by tailoring our services to precisely match their needs and adapting to the changes that inevitably happen as their work progresses. Detailed below are some comments from our customers, most of whom we have been working with for several years.

"Qbase is an indispensable business partner"

"Qbase is an indispensable business partner for Mardev, part of Reed Business Information. Working closely with them has enabled us to improve the quality and performance of our clients' marketing. We find them to be innovative and responsive to a constantly changing business environment, and manage to add value to our ideas"

Zina Mander
General Manager, Mardev

"Qbase has helped us gain a much more in-depth understanding"

"Qbase provide two key services for us: data hygiene and data enhancements. We previously had a number of duplicates within our database which were preventing us from reporting a coherent view of our customer and prospect base. Qbase has addressed this problem and brought greater confidence to our data through cleaning, identification and removal of the duplicates and presenting us with a much more marketable image of our base. This has had a major impact on our cost saving efforts and brought greater confidence to our data.

Furthermore, Qbase has helped us gain a much more in-depth understanding of our prospect base through SIC and RV enhacements which has given us greater confidence in our direct mail campaigns. Qbase is very good at knowing what we are looking for next and coming to us with suggestions before we have mentioned our next direction. Their service is growing beyond data hygiene and enhancements and into more of a consultancy role and I look forward to a closer working relationship in future"

Gareth Watson
Data Controller, BSkyB

"Excellent post-training sessions"

"When Alzheimer's Society (AS) chose Qbase to provide and host a FastStats system a major factor was our confidence that the company was willing to provide relevant insight from an early stage by incorporating our data in the training process. We had a tight schedule for building the system and making it usable which meant AS staff had to understand and be trained in key elements of FastStats as soon as it was live.

Paresh and Tom hosted four days of training for our FastStats users; four days which were evenly paced but nevertheless exhausting as the volume of practical and theoretical information to get through was significant. Preparation for the training was thorough, meaning that written materials and practical examples during the days reflected issues that Alzheimer's Society was looking to resolve. On our return to the office we quickly found that what we had learned was not only immediately useful but is a solid foundation for the broader applications we need to develop.

From planning for the day; through the on-site training itself; and in excellent post-training sessions a couple of weeks afterwards, Paresh and Tom have shown dedication to helping us make the most of our new system - including ironing out any identified problems - and given us a sound basis for future insight."

Martin Sheehan
Fundraising Database Manager, Alzheimer's Society

"Analysis improves the ROI significantly"

"Qbase have worked with the RNLI for over 5 years, initially on the mail order trading catalogue but more recently over the last 2 years, helping to implement a new database marketing strategy for fundraising, including data management and analytics, which has seen both the quality of data and indeed analysis improve the ROI significantly on supporter marketing activities"

Lee Gisbourne
Database Marketing Manager, RNLI